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Slät ring 1,5 mm

Slät ring 1,5 mm

kr 399,00 SEK

kr 399,00 SEK

En enkel vacker ring som kan bäras i sin enkelhet eller ett par stycken eller kombineras med kul ring eller ring med litet hjärta

Keep the trash out of landfills
Build a better future for us
Save money while being healthier

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Customers Reviews

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Saving the planet

Not only do I get delicious grocery but I am saving the planet while getting them. What is more their delivery time is amazing. It takes 2 days for everything to be delivered in front of my home - minus the plastic packaging.

Blake on 08 Nov, 2020

So happy this store exists

I must say that in only a couple of months I have become a regular customer to Zero Waste Store. They are my go to website to shop everything I need - from organic fruits and veggies to high quality shampoo bars.

Jamie on 27 Oct, 2020

Sustainable and great quality!

I have always had difficulties to find an online store that would fit all my needs. So happy I finally did! These guys are doing an amazing job to always provide you with fresh produce and I am here for it.

Luna on 15 Sep, 2020